Psychometric Testing

Global Product Search offers businesses and organizations professional modern online assessments for Psychometric testing. 

Research has shown psychometric testing is an important tool for recruitment and selection. Psychometric assessments are time efficient as they gain valuable detailed information about an individual. This information would not be normally be ascertained through the recruitment process. Studies indicate individuals selected through a comprehensive recruitment process are more likely to succeed in the workplace.

Psychometric testing also assists in developing and maintaining organisations. Development and training decisions enhance skill and career development of both the individuals and organisation. This may be achieved through job redesign or changes in duties, special or specific training, performance management strategies, motivation strategies, and outplacement. Even in a successful workplace there is room for improvement. By examining strengths and weaknesses of an organisation, appropriate development, training or other direct job support may be implemented for further success.

Global Product Search has access to hundreds of tests and can design a specific set of assessments to suit and organisations recruitment needs. All tests used have high validity and reliability and are normed according to the population to be tested upon. All assessments come with various levels of reporting, all written in a format for easy interpretation.

Presently Global Product Search provides a specific set of assessments designed for the mining industry. These include safety awareness (two assessments are available), work preferences, motivations and values profile, reading comprehension, mathematics, and abstract reasoning. All levels of employment, from the general workforce to executive management, can be tested.

Psychometric testing enhances an organisations ability to strategically develop and maintain quality and productivity, with high performing individuals.